Travelling to Åsnen

Åsnen offers lots of places you can discover and visit. The easiest way to reach the Åsnen area is by car, but there are many alternatives. On this page we show you how easy it is to get here.


Whether you intend to travel by car, bus, train, plane or boat, we want everyone to be able to enjoy Åsnen!

By car

From Malmö: Follow Route 23 to Osby or Älmhult, turn east toward Åsnen along Route 15 or Road 120.
From Stockholm: Follow the E4 south toward Jönköping, then follow Route 30 or 27.
From Gothenburg: Follow Route 27 via Växjö and Tingsryd to the eastern parts of Åsnen.


By bus

With Länstrafiken Kronoberg's buses you reach Växjö, Alvesta, Tingsryd, Huseby, Torne, Kalsvik, Ålshult, Urshult & Ryd in the Åsnen area.

With Kalmar Länstrafik you easily travel to Växjö for connecting buses to Åsnen, and with Blekingetrafiken you reach Tingsryd in the Åsnen area.

By train

Trains can be a very convenient way to travel and, above all, it is gentle on the environment! The nearest stations are in Växjö and Alvesta where you simply switch to a bus to reach Åsnen.