Canoeing and kayaking in Åsnen

It only takes that first dip of the paddle in lake Åsnen, and you will know that a marvellous experience is waiting. Åsnen gives you nature for real!

Åsnen Småland

The black-throated diver calls over black waters at night and the osprey keeps guard from its nest, high up in a pine tree. A hillfort whispers tales of days long gone. In Åsnen you find adventure and here you find stillness.

Åsnen Småland

To paddle a kayak or canoe in the waters of lake Åsnen is to become a part of history. People have travelled in these waters since the Stone Age. In the surroundings you find evidence of the lives of past generations. Just pull the canoe or kayak out of the water and enjoy your coffee sitting among the ancient ruins of medieval Bosgård, or let the children look for the entrance to the trolls’ secret treasure cave in Hulevik.

If the perch are not biting when you get hungry there are both village shops and eateries close by. Already the Swedish medieval king Gustav Vasa knew to appreciate the treasures of Åsnen and often had eel from the lake.

Through Åsnen runs the 120 kilometer long canoe trail Värendsleden. Buy a map to follow the trail, sleep in ready-made wind shelters at camp sites complete with outdoor toilets, garbage bins and assigned fire places. Thanks to the Swedish Right of Public Access, you are of course welcome to spend the night in places of you own choice, but remember to avoid the bird protection areas. 


Camping checks

When staying overnight at the prepared campsites in Åsnen, and in order to use firewood, water and toilets, you need so called "camping checks" (not valid at normal campgrounds). The campsites are marked on the Map of the Åsnen area. Please note that other rules apply in the national park.