About Åsnen

Shimmering blue fjords, lush green fields and winding roads. Sitting on top of the hill is the remains of a hill fort and along the roadside wild apple trees grafted by past generations flourish. Åsnen is a holiday wonderland in the Swedish county of Småland offering nature and culture in an exciting mix. Åsnen gives you all you want from your holiday. You can enjoy a peaceful ride in a canoe, an adventure on horseback or maybe a tasty visit to a sumptuous farm shop before you settle down in you tent or hotel bed to recharge your batteries before another eventful day. At Åsnen you meet nature for real!

Åsnen Småland

Åsnen is forests, water, fields and meadows. Åsnen is memories, people, food and music. Åsnen in the county of Småland consists of the lake Åsnen and its surroundings.  Here man and nature with shared efforts during centuries have created a truly unique place.

In the north Åsnen you are greeted by grazed pastures and mature farm lands with the historical manor house of Huseby as the jewel in the crown. Further south you walk in beech woods putting its roots down more than three hundred years ago. Here you also find the deep green and tranquil conifer forests that Småland is famous for.

The lake Åsnen is a typical smålandic lake with an irregular shoreline and many islands. The lake sends its fjords like visitors to the surrounding woods and fields. The total length of the shoreline is 740 kilometers and gives you plenty to explore. The lake is quite shallow, only three meters deep in average and the old pike is patiently waiting among the reed.

When you close your eyes and listen you will hear the kyick kyick of the white-tailed eagle as it winds its circles high up in the sky calling for its chicks.

Through centuries the water ways have tied together farms and ironworks in Åsnen. During summers boats have shipped bog-iron ore to the ironworks and floaters have provided the saw mills with timber. During wintertime the ice has functioned as road. Even today you here and there find remains of early industry and at Huseby bruk the blast-furnace is still intact.

Åsnen Småland

Scented walks

In south Åsnen you find unique wild fruit trees. Since 1630 generations of farmers have grafted wild apple, pear and plum trees to make use of the generous climate of the area. Here you can enjoy a sea of flowers in the early summer or an apple scented walk in the autumn.

The lakes and water ways of Åsnen are made for slow canoeing with your ears pricked for bird cries and your eyes seeking the gentle splash of a pike’s tail. Here circle osprey, loon and white-tailed eagle in the skies above you and under the water’s surface pike, pike-perch and eel are hiding. Paddle along Värendsleden and use its tips about the best places to spend the night, also read the leaflet to get to know a bit more about bird protection areas and the Swedish right of public access. A fishing permit makes the experience complete.

If you prefer to stay on land you can enjoy Åsnen following a foot path or on a bicycle. Old disused railway tracks and meandering dirt roads give you a varied experience and along the road you pass several of the area’s twelve nature reserves. The Right of Public Access

Cars as art

To get history, culture and nature in one trip you can go to Kyrkö mosse in south Åsnen. Here you will meet cars as you have never seen them before. After decades resting among moss-covered stones beneath spruce and pine all paint has faded and the chrome is flaking off. The cars have been transformed to thought evoking art objects. Here lived and worked Åke på myren. Visit his churchyard for cars that breath nostalgia and memories of times gone by.

People have worked and lived in Åsnen for centuries. If you are interested in how they lived their everyday life there are several open-air museums to visit and for a hands on experience of old fashioned working conditions you can take part in a course in how to rein a real working horse.

After a day full of activities when you for the first time perhaps have tried you hand on caving or climbing it is good to sit down to a tasty meal.

Kyrkö Mosse i Åsnen Magdalena Andersson

Åsnen accommodates for all tastes. Here you eat what nature gives you. In farm shops and restaurants you are served smoked fish, straight from the lake, and meat from animals grazing the hills. Of course you let a local glass of apple juice accompany the food.

Åsnen gives you nature adventures, exciting stories from times gone by, inspiring culture and true food artistry. Nature for real!