The taste of Åsnen

Do come hungry to Åsnen. Here you will find delicious food straight from nature accommodating all different tastes. Or what about freshly picked wild strawberries, smoked pike-perch, sheep cheese from a local dairy or a steak from an outdoor pig.

Öppen gårdsbod i Ugglekull

Fill a basket full of delicacies or enjoy a relaxing visit to a café or a restaurant. The nature of Åsnen is rich and giving and fills your larder. Nature for real!

open farmshop i Ugglekull

Choose between fruit, vegetables and berries in the small Öppna Gårdsboden. Here you will find an honesty box so be sure to bring change. Or take a trip to the smoke-house to see how the local fish is prepared all through the summer. If you prefer your fish fresh there is a choice between pike, pike-perch, perch, eel and salmon in the refrigerated counter. A tasty fish platter or a coffee and a cake are available to enjoy beneath the apple trees.

Amys Café i Åsnen Småland

The village shops are full of local produce. Here you find sheep cheese from the local dairy and pork from outdoor reared pigs. The unique wild meadow orchards of Urshult give you jam, juice and of course fresh fruit to taste and enjoy. In Åsnen there is a choice of rustic farm cafés through to luxury restaurants. All you have to do is choose!